Marketing yourself on the internet can be a daunting task. Let us help you get the most out of your website with search engine optimizations and pay-per-click campaigns.

Question: Why pay-per-click?

Answer: While standard search engine optimization (SEO) may help your website get noticed, there are drawbacks. First, extensive cross linking with other pages improves ranking. This can be a very time consuming process. Second, there may be hundreds if not thousands of pages similiar to your own, all competing for the coveted #1 spot in search results. It is also easy to "spoof" search engine crawlers into putting a site higher in the rankings than it should be, even though it may have no relevance to the search term!

A pay-per-click campaign, on the other hand, is more straightforward. It is a flexible way to collect and monitor click through. For example, if your website features recipes for sale, a typical campaign may include keywords such as: recipes, cake, baking, etc. If a user searches in Google for any of these keywords, your link shows up on the right-hand side of the search results page. If a user clicks through, it is tracked and a nominal fee applies (10 cents typically).

You only pay when a customer is actively searching for your product and they actually visit your website. You can also provide regional settings, so that only customers from a certain country, province or even city will be directed to your site. And, you can provide daily limits that suit your budget; you can limit the campaign to $1 per day if you wish.


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